Shameless Self-Promotion: Business Cards Are In!

I ordered some name cards because I would say that they’re a must and thanks to Papery Print, the high quality cards were printed and ready to be picked up the next day. Business or name cards are essential for the “professional” part of professional photography.

I designed the cards myself by breaking out some of my awesome Illustrator skills. I wanted to emphasize a level of professional photography by featuring an image to keep things memorable while removing any clutter from the information side. However, with that I wanted to maintain personality and branding continuity with fonts and color scheme.

Although I’m not a professional designer, I do think that I at least did some¬†good work on conceiving and creating a design for the cards. *pats self on back*

Now that that’s done I suppose and after writing this update, I suppose it’s time to go out and get some personal photography done. But, it’s just too damn hot in Bangkok right now, haha. The high temperatures combined with the humidity, just a walk from the condo to my motorcycle is like a stroll through a sauna. But, I suppose I should be getting out there to hand out the cards and maybe generate some more professional photography work for me to do.

Now it’s time for a Saturday afternoon nap or get back to going through the backlog of photos that I have from personal trips and local outings and get them up online. There aren’t many left to go through, but the sooner they’re done the sooner I can upload them to this website and help any visitors gain a better understanding of the photos and situations that have provided me with my photography experience.

See you next time on Tuesday with another Photo of the Week update!

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