Photo of the Week (16 May 2016)

This week’s Photo of the Week comes from the Event Photography pages of the website. “Artisan Market Drums” was taken on my Sony Xperia Z3 phone.

This was probably my first “Wow!” moment at the 2015 Wonderfruit Festival.

The sun was setting at the time which means it was just cooling down enough to really get out and enjoy the various activities and rat some food from the many stands. I was waiting for my girlfriend (check out her blog!) who was having some henna done and while just wandering around the market a group of drummers showed up and just started beating away. The combination of all the previously listed elements makes this one of my favorite event photography images.

It was a complete surprise. It had seemed like they came out of thin air. Suddenly the drums just started beating and everyone was caught by surprise.

To everyone in the area, the beat was infections. Instinctively everyone gathered into a circle and at first most watched but it didn’t take long for those who were already there and those who were attracted by the beat of the drums to join into the fray and dance to throughly enjoy the moment.

Although I didn’t dance, it was too great of an opportunity to pass up for a quick shot that would capture the environment, the movement, and the mood of the festivities.

Moments like this are probably one of my favorite aspects of the Wonderfruit Festival. Yes there are set stages and venues for arts & crafts, food, performances. But, there is plenty of space and a plethora of moments where randomness happens. Everyone in attendance welcomes the randomness and that’s what I would say is a large part of the experience that people are looking for in just a single day or a full weekend camping out at the festival.

I’m looking forward to being there again this December. It’ll definitely be awesome and in my second year I’ll be much more prepared for the randomness of the festival.

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