Photo of the Week (23 May 2016)

The photo that’s making its appearance for this week’s Photo of the Week is a cityscape favorite of mine for my Bangkok photography.

Benjasiri Offices was taken during blue hour in Bangkok from Benjasiri Park and appears as the header image on the X2 Group website.

In order to get this image I had started to set up the tripod and camera at about 5:30 or 5:45 so I could get a spot. Generally, this seems to be a popular location with local photographers, hobbyists, and people looking for a reason to pause their run. By looking at the photo, you can probably see why.

I took a few shots and then decided that for the desired effect, it was probably best to do the shot using HDR. So, I began essentially a non-stop series of images bracketing my photos so I could catch all of the varying phases of blue hour.

The image in this post was captured just at the start of the blue hour so  the sky is a very light blue but still has some elements of pink and orange from the sun that was setting behind me. Not too long after the series of images that have been combined to create this single image, the sky turned a much deeper blue and eventually even took on a shade of purple at the tail end of blue hour.

Another element that I’ve neglected to mention, but I think creates some appealing character to the image is the reflections of the buildings in the water. The actual buildings are not extremely tall so they aren’t imposing and allow for the sky to shine a bit with it’s light changes in colorization. However, the reflections in the water also play off the building height and allow for the reflections to not be too long or extend the reflections past the shoreline, cutting off the tops of the buildings.

Well, that’s all for the bit about this week’s photo. I hope you enjoyed the view! If you’d like to receive monthly updates¬†with Bangkok photography and more, please subscribe to my newsletter to the left in the menu bar.

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