Photo of the Week (30 May 2016)

It might seem a bit narcissistic to have a self-portrait as the Photo of the Week on my own blog. Typically I wouldn’t, so this might be a one time thing that you’ll never see again. I think it’s a cool picture and it turned out surprisingly well if one considers that a GoPro was suction cupped to my windscreen while taking photos at night while driving through Bangkok with very little traffic to limit speed.

Getting a photo like this driving down the main streets of Bangkok takes a bit of planning and a lot of luck.

I planned my route from my condo down Soi Thong Lor, at Sukhumvit Road I rode in the direction of MBK and once there a right turn and a short drive to access Petchaburi Road. From Petchaburi Road it was a quick ride down Ratchadaphisek Road where hung a right at the Exchange Tower to go back up Sukhumvit, onto Soi Thong Lor, and then back home.

I had set the GoPro to take burst photos and just drove around my pre-planned route hoping at least one portrait would turn out as intended. A few did, but this was the best of the many many photos taken during the drive.

Another great thing about this image is that the original had turned out so well that there was virtually no post-processing done to the original.

There are two specific elements that really catch my eye when I look at it. Both the first time and any time prior to me writing this blog entry. One element is the perfect blurring to emphasize the speed but also isolating the outline of myself and the portion of the motorcycle that can be seen. The second element is the reflection of lights in the helmet visor. It’s a small thing, but draws attention to the subject.

Perhaps I’ll try doing some more with the GoPro and the motorcycle. Probably not self-portraits though; I think I’ll try a different subject next time.

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