Photo of the Week (06 June 2016)

This week we have a photo that was explored on Flickr and is a crowning jewel in my flower photography collection so far. The flower in the photo is a Beach Spider Lily and although I’m not a botanist or even a floral enthusiast, I have to say, it’s a cool looking flower.

I took the photo of this flower while on a morning outing at Benjakiti Park to find what I could for some pictures. Benjakiti Park is located in central Bangkok in the Asok area. It’s surrounded by busy roads and office buildings, but this park with a large lake in the middle is a green oasis in a humid concrete desert.

For the “White Flowers” image, it’s actually composed of a combination of bracketed photos to create a HDR image. This isn’t my first HDR image to appear in a Photo of the Week post, but it was probably one of the most difficult because a gentle breeze and the flower could move, which makes it a much more complicated process. Additionally, this was a handheld photo, so remaining as still as possible was a necessity.

HDR, when done properly, is supposed to give the viewer a sight of depth and range that is closer to the way a human’s eye sees the depth of colors. However, often people overdo the HDR and you get almost a fantasy world look. It’s great if that’s what the goal of the image is, it can be quite stunning. But disappointing if unintentional. For my flower photography, I prefer the more natural look.

My personal two favorite aspects of the “White Flowers” photograph is not only the detail that is provided through the HDR technique but also the bokeh in the background behind the flowers.

The bokeh is smooth and gradual which works excellently with the stem emerging from the ground and up towards the petals. The petals appear in the photo as sharp and clear which defines the subject of the image. Then as the gaze oft he viewer follows the stem, the blurring smoothly increases and eventually the viewer’s eyes are met with a definable yet smooth bokeh blurred background.

Overall, he bokeh, although possibly beautiful, it draws the attention to the subject that is in focus. Sometimes beautifully, sometimes not so beautifully.

Enjoy some more of my flower photography and I hope to have some more coming in the near future. For the immediate future, except some pictures from Buriram, lightning, and portrait work.

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