Photo of the Week (13 June 2016)

This week we have another HDR photo, but monochromatic.

Oddly enough it seems quite a few people actually have no idea what the name of the group of buildings in the photos are, and I had no idea either until after taking the pictures and wanting to know what the buildings are named.

The buildings in the photograph are the Millennium Residence Towers. As you can see, there are 4 in total. Millennium Towers II and III are tied for 19th tallest buildings in Thailand. Millennium Towers I and IV are tied for the 26th tallest buildings in the country.

If you have read about last week’s Photo of the Week, you will already have some knowledge and understanding of the meaning of HDR and what it means to use an HDR technique for your photos.

This image is actually a combination of 5 single images taken at stepped levels of exposure. The technique draws out more of the details, which can be seen as evident in the shadows and bright areas. Since this image has been converted to monochrome, there tends to be more of an artistic twist to it than say the flower from last week’s image.

Of all the images on my website that have been uploaded to where I can easily count the views, this image has been the most popular. On Flickr alone, this image has over 6,100 views and was also explored. In my opinion, pretty successful for a guy who was just experimenting with some HDR photography techniques.

For some reason even before taking this photograph, this set of 4 buildings has always fascinated me. I think it’s partially because of the overall look of the buildings. The other part is that that look like the evil corporate buildings of some anime that’s set in the future. Perhaps a bit odd and perhaps I’ll live in them one day. I wonder if pets are allowed…

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