Modeling/Portrait Shoot With Rie

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph Rie, a Japanese dancer, for a modeling/portrait photoshoot.


Rie and I exchanged emails and arranged the timing of the photoshoot while she was in Japan, which was easily coordinated. Through the exchange I learned about her schedule and also found what type of images she was looking for to add to her own portfolio.

Using the information that I was able to gather, I chose to set the photoshoot scene in Sathorn, more specifically around Chongnonsi BTS. I chose this area because of the variety in environment. There is the architecture of the pedestrian bridge. There’s the Empire Tower and Sathorn Road for backdrops. There’s also the ITF Tower down the street, that presents a beautiful skyline.

The Shoot

We met at Empire Tower and after some short discussion en route to the bridge, I learned a bit more and was able to adapt what I had previously planned based on some finer details.

The first series of photos used the bridge with Sathorn Road in the background. One of the obstacles here was the pedestrian traffic. Luckily, Thai people are rather polite because at one point we had a line of backed up foot traffic as shots were being taken. After noticing and a bit embarrassed, we encouraged everyone to continue on their way.

After some more shots on the bridge, the modeling/portrait photoshoot moved on to the top of the ITF Tower. Atop the ITF Tower a beautiful skyline can be seen that is only enhanced by the Bangkok blue hour.

Atop the ITF Tower is where the photo at the top of the article was taken. It’s fun, silly, and the very last shot of the session.

The Result

Rie loved the photos and also enjoyed the process of making the photoshoot results a possibility. Thanks to solid communication we were able to produce the results that you can see in the gallery.


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