Photo of the Week (27 June 2016)

Another week and another photograph from the Thai island of Koh Maprao. Like last week, it’s another item that looks like it could be some tourism photography from a travel brochure or hotel website.

The two palm trees in the image are situated just behind the villa that I stayed in during my time on the island while staying at The Village Coconut Island Resort. I cam across the idea for this angle while walking around the villa lawn and edging and looking for some unique angles or subjects that I wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

Looking at the ground and seeing the same old flowers and bushes grew tiresome and that’s when I looked up to see what else was around.

While standing in the shade, I looked up and that’s when I realize that the view I had would make, in my opinion, and interesting image. A vivid blue sky and the pleasant conjunction of the two palm trees create a classic travel photography type scene.

Every time I look at this image, I want to go to the beach. Which, from Bangkok, no beach is nearby. I also think that in a way the image with palm trees makes me miss the memorable and unrepeatable days that I spent in Hua Hin attending Webster University’s Thailand Campus.

Come to think of it, if I have the opportunity again, I believe that I am capable of taking an even better photo. My skills are better and the gear at my disposable is better, so I think I can produce a higher quality image than the photo you see in this posting.

Net week we can get out of Koh Maprao and the tourism photography style and instead see some photos of an event that is just as enjoyable as a tropical island, but a bit less calm and serene.

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