Photo of the Week (04 July 2016)

Moving away from the tropical beaches of Koh Maprao this week and back to the mainland. The Wonderfruit Festival is a music, art, and lifestyle event that has been held just outside of Pattaya, Thailand the past 2 years and is going on to its 3rd.

Today’s Photo of the Week is taken from the entrance tunnel that leads into the festival from the gates. When walking into the festival, it’s pretty cool to walk through with the sunlight peeking through the branches and sticks but also hear the sounds of the festival before really seeing any of it.

The only thing missing from this image is the sound.

Some might say the color is missing too. Personally, I disagree. I feel the black and white look of the image actually adds to the dramatics. The color image just looks a bit too plain.

Some Annoyances

The most annoying thing about taking this shot? Well, there are 2 characteristics that appeared to be competing for that coveted spot. One was trying to take a photo, but also while carrying some heavy duty baggage that also included a tent.

The second? While standing there and trying to get the picture, it felt like there was a regular stream of people coming through whenever I started to compose. Then, once frustrated, I was about to quit, but then the timing worked out and I captured this image.

This Year’s Wonderfruit Festival?

Perhaps it’s needless to say, but I would love to have the opportunity to spend the entire time photographing the festival. I’m thinking about writing an email and asking about any possibilities. I think it would definitely be worth the trip and the tropical heat during the day both in and outside of the tent.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and now it’s time for me to sign off and provide a recent client with his images.

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