Photo of the Week (11 July 2016)

This is the first Photo of the Week featuring a vehicle. Unfortunately the motorcycle in the image isn’t in motion, but it’s still one that I like.

This week’s photo was taken at the 2015 Bangkok Motorbike Festival that is held every February in Bangkok, Thailand throughout the CentralWorld Shopping Mall and outside in the plaza there are stunt rides and vendors/dealers.

The Repsol Honda was on display in the Honda Big Wing area. The area was packed with people and it took a lot of patience to get this shot. However, the crowd was just the first obstacle. There was a more difficult obstacle, and that was people crowding around because the motorcycle was open to the public for sitting. Needless to say, it was popular and everyone wanted to sit for their photo op.

So Popular (But On A Small Motorcycle)

The Repsol Honda livery is incredibly popular here in Bangkok and that explains why so many people need their picture. Walk down Sukhumvit Road or almost anywhere and you’re bound to see it. But, you won’t see a 1000cc motorcycle. Instead you’ll see a Honda Click Scooter or a tiny Honda CBR150 motorcycle with the red, orange, and white Repsol paint scheme.

If you’re ever in Bangkok and viewing the sights, take a look around at the small scooters and older small motorcycles. Take a look at the newer models too and you’ll see that there are two preferred livery schemes. One scheme is the Honda Repsol livery. The other popular paint job, especially for helmets, is the Monster Energy Drink “sponsoring”.

I have no idea why the Monster brand is popular. I never see anyone drinking it, but the logo is on a lot of helmets, scooters, and motorcycles.

Well, that’s about it for today’s entry. Check again next week for the next Photo of the Week!

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