Photo of the Week (18 July 2016)

This week’s photo is one that always makes me smile, but is bittersweet. This week’s photo is what I can only describe as an extreme close-up of Felix. At the time of the photo, Felix was being a cute and adorable cat as he always had been. But, unlike usual he decided he would relax and pose for the camera. Using my Sony Xperia Z3 I was able to capture just the right moment of this cute little guy and have a wonderful memory forever.

The Bittersweet Part…

Reading this now, you might be wondering why I described the image as a bittersweet one. Well, a few months ago it was found that Felix was having kidney problems. He seemed like normal until late one night he just kind of tipped over on to my arm. I thought he was just being cute and playful. The next morning I was getting ready for work and he was walking and tipping over and I know something wasn’t right with him.

Needless to say, I was immediately worried and rushed him to the vet before it was even open for its regular hours. Only about an hour early, but I didn’t care. He ended up staying at the vet for a few days and when his stay was over, I was so happy to have home. However, his kidney problem was not temporary so he was prescribed a daily nutritional drip and also some medicine.

Neither was easy to give him, although he was mostly cooperative.

Skip If Easily Saddened

After a couple weeks, I was at home and I noticed he couldn’t even walk. His back legs weren’t working and Nora, my oldest cat was trying to scoop him up with his nose and support Felix as Felix tried to move. Again, I immediately rushed Felix to the vet. I pretty much ran there with him in his carrier and arrived in minutes. The vets took him. I held Felix before giving him to the vets because he wouldn’t let go of me until he nuzzled my cheek and gave me a few licks. The vets began rubbing him and doing all they could to help. I couldn’t stand to sit and watch and the vet staff told me I could come back.

I walked around Thong Lor distraught and worrying about Felix. I returned and he had passed, which still upsets me to write. I took him to a temple to be cremated and it was the worst day I have had in a long long time.

A bit of a downer this week, and I’m sorry about that. Felix was a wonderful cat and I’m happy that he was a big part of my life, if even for a short time.

Something Lighter Next Week…

Next week’s post will be more upbeat and on a much more fun topic. I promise!

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