Photo of the Week (01 August 2016)

Coffee My Car is a coffee shop, that can be found in Bang Saen, Chonburi, Thailand. It’s found itself here as my Photo of the Week. The image of the storefront looking over the handles of a rusted bicycle was taken with my Xperia Z5 smartphone and has appeared on the Coffee My Car business Facebook page.

The Shop

Coffee My Car is rather small and likely for most travelers to Bang Saen, a bit out of the way. However, if you go there you’re sure to find some traffic with Bangkok weekend trippers spending their holidays at the beach enjoying the sun, sand and sea.

The Photo

I was asked by my girlfriend to take some photos of the the shop.┬áMy girlfriend is the daughter of the owners, so I guess that was my in for this shoot. I didn’t have my DSLR with me so I made the best of the situation with my smartphone. I’m happy with the Sony Xperia series of phones. I’ve owned each odd numbered edition in the series and always happy with the often exceptional camera quality.

Trying to find some unique perspectives, shooting the coffee shop storefront proved a challenge. I tried some shots framed with plant life and some other environmental items in the vicinity. I also tried some other unorthodox angles of the shop, but none compare to the shot featured in today’s post.

Photography For Business

High quality photos is something that’s often neglected by business owners. Often it’s because the effect of visuals in marketing and advertising is lost upon the individual. Photography is seen as a secondary concern, however high quality images and photographs can be the key to unlocking the interest of consumers in the product or service offered.

If you’re a business owner and uncertain of how images could influence your potential clients or customers, please feel free to contact me for some ideas and advice.

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