Photo of the Week (15 August 2016)

This week’s posting is delayed because I was sick at the beginning of the week. I just didn’t have the energy to write a post nor select a photo. However, I’m better now and the select image for this week is a documentary photography style photo. The image taken during the Buddhist ceremony I witnessed in Buriram during Songkran earlier this year.

The Photo

During the ceremony I was looking to do my best to catch moments with minimal interference in the actual proceedings of the event. Much of the concrete and tiled area was occupied by the local villagers living near the venue, so maneuvering could be quite tricky sometimes. This was especially in the intense heat of the early afternoon sun.

For this specific image, there was a small avenue to approach and capture the image. When approaching the spot, I was looking for a feel that the image would convey as almost voyeuristic or as if it’s something that most people are only privileged to witness.

Luckily, as I approached, the man in the foreground turned slightly just as I had snapped the photo. His look combined with the depth of field, in my opinion, adds to the voyeur or “off limits” type feeling that the photograph can convey.

Documentary Photography

There are a few more images that are done in a documentary or editorial style, especially in the Buriram Songkran 2016 album. It’s a style that I enjoy, but only in the right situations, but not a style that I would confine myself to, as it has its purpose and appropriate time, just as with other styles of photography.

More Coming Soon

Expect next week’s Photo of the Week to be posted at the usual time. It shouldn’t be that long of a wait between this post and the next, as there really is only a weekend that falls in between the dates.

Check back early next week!

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