Photo of the Week (05 September 2016)

Today is a day I wish I was on the beach. Although this week’s Photo of the Week looks like it’s a piece of holiday photography, it’s actually an image captured while moving from one event location to another.

The photo was shot in the western side of Koh Maprao while staying at the Coconut Island Resort during the 2015 X2 Annual Conference.

The Photo

The photo was taken during the late afternoon and the timing provided me with the extended and dramatic shadows of the palm trees along the beach. Also the deep blue ocean hitting the beach and the bright blue sky afforded for me to have some excellent color in that area of the spectrum.

Although not evident, because it is a picture, there is a feeling communicated by it to where the viewer can almost feel as if they are at the location of the image. You can feel the tropical warmth, but not too hot, because of the sun and the beach, but that warmth is tempered by the elongated shadows that warm the viewer that the sun is setting soon and night is coming,

The water, it can be heard gently washing upon the sand of the beach and providing that gentle sound that virtually anyone who has ben to a pond has heard. It’s almost a soothing element of the photo. The blue of the sky also accents the deep ocean blue.

Overall, I feel the viewer is essentially being welcomed into a pleasant and holiday-like environment.

More Koh Maprao?

I’m sure in the future I’ll be posting some more images that were taken on Koh Maprao during the X2 Conference or my short time there afterwards.

I would like to return and I think it would be a great getaway from the hustle, bustle, and air pollution of downtown Bangkok.

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