Photo of the Week (12 September 2016)

A lonely sailboat adrift during a sudden stillness on the sea. This photo of the “Lonely Sailboat” is the first nautical photography image captured with my Nikon D5300. Koh Maprao would see a lot of firsts with my then new Nikon D5300.

The Photo

A still late afternoon on Koh Maprao is the setting for this image and it’s also an unfortunate moment for the individual on the rented sailboat. The day was fairly windy until just after the sailboat reached where it was photographed.

My favorite aspects of this photo is the presence of the blue. Blue Andaman Sea and the vividly blue sky present just before the beginning of what would become a vividly pink, red, and orange sunset. There is a hint of the sunset with a the pinkish hue across the center. The other aspect of my photo that I personally appreciate is the sailboat. Not that it’s a sailboat, but how the bright colors of the sail stand out from the blueness of the surroundings.

After The Photo

Wait isn’t seen in the photo is what happened about an hour later. After being stopped in the sudden doldrum, one of the Thai men who leased the boat had to swim out and assist the unfortunate sailors. There would likely be some good photographic moments in that series of events, but I was forced to miss out.

In the end, the sailboat arrived safely at the shore and the sailors disembarked to further enjoy their holiday.

Nautical Photography

Capturing images of ships at port and on the sea is something I’d like to do more of in the future. One of the difficulties here in Bangkok is, that there really isn’t a strong sailing presence and most of the vessels on the Chao Phraya River are not the beautiful ships we imagine in our minds.

Perhaps I can do some shoots in Phuket or Pattaya to get some excellent ships in my collection.

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