Photo of the Week (26 September 2016)

This week we have some motor photography! Unfortunately, this time the motorcycle isn’t moving.

The shot for this week’s Photo of the Week is of a beautiful fuel tank. The tank is for an Indian Motorcycle. The dramatic combination of the black tank, dark red accents, along with gold trim and a gold logo is stunning and being asked to be photographed.

The Photo

Black, dark red, and gold is the beautiful color combination caught in this photo. The most captivating color of the image for me is the gold. Not because I like gold and what it often represents. No, I like the reflections that the gold brings to the photograph.

Also, although not a classic Indian, the impression given by the tank colors and shape feels like it should be a classic Indian.

Motor Photography

I like motorcycles and I like photography. It’s the perfect combination! One unfortunate fact of the moment is that the motorcycle section of my portfolio is limited to subjects on stands and on display. However, I’m always looking for the right opportunity to get some shots of motorcycles in motion, especially during a race. Here in Thailand, the nearest track for that opportunity is a bit of a drive. Also, the races are usually at the most inconvenient times for me to travel. Although, it’ll happen soon enough, I’m sure of it!


That’s about all for this week. Sorry if you’re disappointed the photo isn’t action packed. But, hey, we can’t make everyone happy all the time, right?

Next week we’ll have a different photo from a different location as well as a different subject. We’ll have more motor photography shots in the future, I’m sure of it. Ideally the next portfolio addition will be during a race or some other event with cars or motorcycle in motion.

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