Photo of the Week (03 October 2016)

My cats are awesome and I’m happy to have the opportunity to do some pet photography whenever I want. Although, I admit that my cats are not always the most cooperative of subjects. However, Seven, my lovely girl who is featured in this week’s photo, is always happy to be photographed.

I actually think that she might have been a model or actress in a pst life. She loves lights and any camera pointed at her. She’s also fairly demanding, so there’s that bit too.

She was also the first test subject the evening I purchased my Nikon D5300. After the first shot, she wanted more and more photos to be taken of her.

The Photo

This week’s photo was taken at home in a Bangkok condo. In the kitchen actually, and that might explain some of the objects in the background. To capture the image, I turned the camera towards Seven and she posed just right for me to take the photo.

That’s when I realized she had the spirit of a star, haha.

As I continued taking pictures she was changing her pose after each snap of the camera. Almost like she’s been doing it for years!

However, the photo featured this week in this post is the first that was taken in the series of photographs the she so kindly posed for that evening.

Pet Photography

Pet photography isn’t a genre that I’ve had much experience in outside of my own pets. Honestly, I’m not exactly sure what to expect if I was asked to do a photography session with someone else’s pet, and would it be a well behaved pet? Would the pet wander around? Can I entertain the dog or cat?

I would have no idea what to expect in pet photography and will need to build my confidence in working with strange pets.

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