Photo of the Week (17 October 2016)

Smartphone photography is a method that’s becoming increasingly popular as the technology and capabilities of smartphone cameras improve. For a few years people have been using their phones to take pictures, but often they would be more akin to disposable camera type pictures. However, now phones are used to capture artistic and exhibition worthy images.

Today’s Photo of the Week image is a detail of Erawan Shrine at Christmas. Yes, yes, Thailand is a buddhist country, but that doesn’t stop the populace from decorating for Christmas. Although none are on my website, you will find some seasonal images in my Flickr Photostream.

The Photo

A Sony Xperia Z3 was used to capture this photo while out walking around the Bangkok’s Ratchaprasong area. These specific decorations will likely be found again this year at the Erawan Shrine near Chitlom BTS Station.

What captured my eye to take this photo is evident in the image. That element is the yellow sparkling decorations. I also like how the density of the dangling circles increases diagonally as the eyes scan the image from left to right.

Erawan Shrine

The Erawan Shrine is located near Chitlom BTS Station at the corner of the Hyatt Erawan. It’s a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike, and draws hundreds of visitors daily.

Unfortunately, a few months ago this shrine was the location of a terrorist bombing that made worldwide news. Luckily, it seems to be an isolated incident. Just as before the bomb attack, there is a regular crowd praying, watching, and photographing.

My Smartphone Photography

I haven’t really done much with serious photography using my phone as the tool of choice. It’s something I’m increasingly using when on outings, if for nothing else to just see what it is I can do with my phone. One thing, since this image was taken I have upgraded to my current phone, a Sony Xperia Z5. The camera is awesome! I hope to be taking more photos with my phone and ideally getting some that I feel are worth sharing with the world.

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