Photo of the Week (24 October 2016)

We have a photographical accident this time for the Photo of the Week. Today’s image is of Bangkok’s Thonglor area during a night time thunderstorm. Like some other Photos of the Week, this is also one of my more experimental photos using a then new Nikon D5300 DSLR. The lightning? Completely lucky timing, because at the time the goal wasn’t to capture a lightning bolt. The goal was to simply practice some lowlight photography from my condo balcony.

Photographical Accident

What I’m referring today as “accidental photography” is something that we all do and have done at least once in our photography life. This term could apply to a variety of situations; it could be a pet doing something hilarious just as the shutter clicks or something that was missed in the photo that was missed when surveying the scene, but works out to be beneficial.

There might be some people who read this and scoff, but I’m a person who rather enjoys happy accidents and I’m certain there are others out there just like me.

Personally, I know there are some occasions when I take a photo and at the instant the accident occurs, I’m a bit bothered because that’s not how I was expecting in my mind. However, after I’m on the computer and processing images do I realize how that unplanned event has become my favorite image of the day.

In this image, it was the awesome bolt of lightning that creates a stunning purple sky just above the tallest buildings in Thonglor. In the end, it was a much better look than I was going for while getting to my new camera.

How About You?

Have you ever had any happy accidents in your photography? It’s ok to admit it and I’m sure you have. Please leave your comments and stories about your most memorable accidental photography moments.

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