A Transition To Shane Visuals

Shane Hebzynski Photography is now Shane Visuals! Why have I done this? For a couple reasons actually, and I’ll be outlining those reasons in today’s post.

Shane Visuals? Why?

Well because I’ve expanded beyond the still images and have progressed into video, animation, and some other forms of visual communication. As a result, Shane Hebzynski Photography doesn’t adequately describe the full range of capabilities and services to current and potential clients.

For those who regularly visit, I think your experience will be a better one on the new website.


Expect to see more video production to appear in the galleries. In the middle of December you can also expect to see the Shane Visuals 2016 Showreel. I can already promise a good variety of clips for that one!

3D Rendering

Not appearing on the website yet, but recently a project has been taken on for 3D rendering work. Admittedly, it’s a surprise, even for me. But, we’ll do that work well and proudly feature it on the website once completed.


Animation isn’t something new that’s being done, as it has been done before. It was never featured on the previous website because I always felt it appeared a bit out of place. My impression would be, “You’re a photographer, why am I seeing animated video?”

Now the animated videos can be proudly displayed and not confuse anyone coming by the website for the first time.

The Future?

I definitely don’t know what the future has in store for Shane Visuals. But, I have a feeling it’ll be a future of success, hard work, and maybe a pinch of luck.

Looking forward to adding more and more to what’s already on the website. If you need to tell a visual story, Shane Visuals is at hand to make that story reality.


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