2 Product Videos: Instructional and “Pure” Underway

Still from instructional ADCOM Luna speaker product video.

Still from instructional ADCOM Luna speaker product video.

Currently I’m working on two product videos for the ADCOM Luna speaker. I’ve been working with ADCOM to create new images for a range of their products. The first video that I’ve been working on is a instructional video for users wanting to unlock all of the Luna’s features. The second video, which has just now entered the editing process is a short pure product video.

Instructional Product Video

For this video there was a robust amount of information and for some examples there are quite a few steps to be followed, like setting up the speaker for your home wifi connection. What I did to make the video more user friendly was create a video for YouTube that took advantage of YouTube’s features.

I opened up the video with a title screen that has chapter titles with links to each chapter. That way from the start every user can go directly to the topic that interests them most. No need to sit through the unboxing when the viewer wants to learn how to connect the speaker to your device via Bluetooth.

“Pure” Product Video

This video is the one that I’m most excited to create. Not because it’s about 5 minutes shorter, but because it allowed for a lot of experimentation with light, movement and angles. This video features the ADCOM Luna, GFA-6000 and the GFA-555ms.

This video is just entering the video process. I expect it to be about 20-30 seconds long but it’ll be an exciting half a minute. All black and silver with a single light is the premise. After writing this update, it’ll be time to begin editing. Watch out for a still capture from the footage.

Part of a Larger Project

The two product videos are part of a larger project that I am doing with ADCOM. I have done individual product image shots, now the 2 videos and there are some lifestyle videos to come.

Thank you and come back again for some more updates soon!

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