New 3D Rendering Project

Looks like I have another visual medium to be involved with as of late. I’ve been asked to create 3D rendering visuals for someone looking to manufacture light dimmer switches and outlets. It’s not exactly what I imagine I would be doing but it’s something that  I can do.

What you see above this article is just a rough draft and not what will be delivered to the client. But, I can’t let those presentable versions out until after they’ve been delivered.

3D Rendering: A Fun Change

This doesn’t mean that I’m bored with photography and videos. It’s just an exiting and different change. With 3D rendering I not only compose and produce the final visual image that is seen by the client, but I also create all of the elements seen in the final image.

Perhaps it’s a little bit of a god complex, but everyone enjoys the feeling of knowing something that has been created by you is enjoyed by others.

I love changing (in this instance) a rectangular cube into a frame and then applying an aluminum texture to the cube. After adding all of the remaining elements and adjusting the camera to the perfect angle for presentation, watching the final product render. In the end my boring matte colored shapes become a lifelike textured and reflective piece of art.

More In The Future?

Hopefully yes. Of course when the project is completed I’ll be adding it to the website for everyone to see. So keep an eye on the Shane Visuals social media or right here in our News & Updates section. This project just kind of fell into my lap and perhaps there are more to come. Maybe I’ll bid for some small projects and see if I can do some more.

Or maybe I’ll just do some 3D renders for my own enjoyment!

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