Media Potpourri Saturday

Today was a day of variety and a good mix of some indoor work and also having the chance to get out and do some photography. However, to do the photography, it involved going to CentralWorld. As of now, it’s a land of Christmas decorations and people. Lots and lots of people. But, overall it’s a good media day.

The day started with a running some quick errands and then returning home to get straight to work on some video edits for a client.

But there was a pleasant surprise when I stepped out this morning, the neighboring school was holding a festival. I’m happy whenever they do because there is always so much good food!

I immediately knew that he’d be coming back for dinner.

Video Day

Well, after the errands and the pleasant festival surprise it was time to get back to the grindstone and continue editing a video for a client. It was an instructional type video so it’s pretty dialogue intensive. And my task for the day; synching up the audio to the video. Not my most favorite thing but it’s something that must be done.

That task stands as completed as I write this post. Tomorrow I’ll be moving on to color correction and other more cinematographic edits. Something a bit more fun than synchronizing.

Photography Outing

The photography outing had the purpose of going out to get a photograph for Christmas. I’ll be using the photo in a Christmas message for my current and past clients as well as any of my newsletter subscribers. If you want to receive it, subscribe to my newsletter using the pop-up before you leave. Oh yeah, and I’ll be offering 5 free photos as a holiday gift!

Now It’s Time For Bed

2:20am here so I’m off to bed so I can get back on to that video and process the photo for my Christmas message.

Good night!

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