52 Week Photo Project: Week 2 SOOC Straight Out of the Camera

This week’s challenge is a technical one, and that is SOOC, or straight out of the camera. This one is a little intimidating and hopefully not more embarrassing. I took a few shots over the course of the week and primarily during Friday evening. The selected shot below is the one that I like the best. Hopefully you like it too!

Unedited image of Bangkok from Avani Riverside in Bangkok, Thailand

Unedited image for 52 Week Photo Project Straight Out of the Camera.

The Photo

The photo is from a Sony a6000 mirrorless camera using the kit 18-55mm lens shot in RAW and only converted JPEG for use on the website. The only alteration to the image you see here is resizing of the image so it’s a bit more web friendly than the full resolution image.

The view you see above is from the Attitude Bar at the Avani Riverside Hotel. In the foreground is the corner of the rooftop pool and on the left some condos. Moving through the center of the shot is the Chao Phraya River and its always present boat traffic. The on the right side there is the Asiatique ferris wheel along with the whole Asiatique area, and a hotel standing high in the sky with only the moon above it. Of course, off in the distance is the rest of Bangkok sprawling out to the horizon.

I’m looking forward to editing this in a later week of the 52 Week Photo Project.

SOOC, Straight Out of the Camera

What does SOOC mean? if you read the heading, you already know it means “straight out of the camera”. Straight out of the camera is a photo that is generally taken in RAW format and has not seen any adjustments or edits of any kind to the actual aesthetics of the photo. The image hasn’t been cropped, no coloring adjustments have been made. The image is untouched. of course if you’re uploading the image to a website such as this, resizing and conversion to JPEG or a web friendly format is a must.

Next Week…

The next week of the 52 Week Photo Project is an artistic challenge. The topic is Land. Should be easy but I’m hoping to find something unique.

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