52 Week Photo Project: Week 3 Land

This week we have land as the inspiration for the 52 Week Photo Project. Week 3¬†was an artistic challenge and the word “land” was the inspiration word for the week. It seems like a simple challenge but it can be a little bit trickier than simply taking a photo of the solid ground beneath your feet.

52 Week Photo Project Land

“Land” photo for my 2017 52 Week Photo Project.

Living in Bangkok, there is plenty of land everywhere and I didn’t have the time to really fly or boat out to an island to capture something exotic. What did come to mind as I thought about potential subjects was land transport, and Bangkok has that in abundance.

The Photo

The photo above and my submission for this week is from the pedestrian walkway on the north side of the Taksin Bridge. The bridge crosses the Chao Phraya River and offers excellent views of not only the river but the Asiatique ferris wheel and the infamous Ghost Tower.

To capture this image I waited for the BTS to depart Saphan Taksin BTS towards me and hoped that car crossing the bridge didn’t obstruct the view of the BTS leaving the station. Luckily within the first 3 opportunities traffic cooperated and I was able to photograph this moment in time.¬†There is one major obstacle that needs to be overcome. Large trucks use this bridge all the time so on some nearly perfect occasions a large truck obscured the BTS.

I used a slower shutter speed and had to play around with that but eventually found a happy medium that wasn’t over exposed but still allowed for the movement to be shown in the photo.

Next Week: 52 Week Photo Project

The coming week brings another challenging photography task. I need to tell a story using a mirror. I will be on the look out for reflections everywhere. But, how many will allow me to tell a story in just 1 photo?

Well, we’ll find out!

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