52 Week Photo Project: Week 4 Reflection

This week’s photo challenge of a reflection was a rather tough one to compete. To be honest I was a bit disappointed in what I came up with. I really wish this challenge was scheduled during a rainy season week, but instead it has been pretty dry here. However, I am lucky that it’s the week of Chinese New Year and a festival was held at Lumphini Park.

Reflection of Chinese New Year sign in Thai

Reflection of a Chinese New Year sign in Thai at the Lumphini park Lunar New Year Festival held in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Photo

The photo above is the best I am able to present this week. Disappointing but staying honest with the challenge. This photo is one of almost desperation to find a good reflection. Scouring a few spots during the week was a series of disappointments but this one did come through in the end. Yet still, this photo is not really all that pleasing to me, but I must admit that there is a part of it that a part of me likes.

The photo is set during the Chinese/Lunar New Year that is just finishing up as I write this post. Disappointingly the festivities in Bangkok’s Chinatown were a bit toned down, so that is why Lumphini Park was the busiest festival in town. The even does present excellent photo opportunities, but the dryness of Bangkok at this time doesn’t help. Also, being in Bangkok doesn’t allow for crystal clear and beautiful water. Instead the water is murky and brown, at least when the there is water.

Reflection Challenges

The biggest challenge was finding a good source for a reflection. A difficult task when it hasn’t been raining at all. Trying fountains and shop windows are definitely good thoughts for replacement, but unfruitful this time around.

Next Week

This coming week should be an interesting one. 10 Shots and each shot must be different. Time to start hunting for next week’s subject. I must find something interesting!

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