52 Week Photo Project: Week 5 Ten Photos

A little bit delayed with the Week 5 post for the 52 Week Photo Project. The challenge for Week 5 is 10 photos of a single subject. However each photo needs to have at least 1 unique characteristic such as shutter speed, focal length, or aperture. For my subject I chose a palm tree near the swimming pool on the 4th floor of my condo. I’m not really happy with any of the photos here although I do have my favorites. View all 10 photos below ordered most to least favorite.

52 Week Photo Project Week 5 Favorite
55mm F16 0.5 sec

The image above is my favorite of the 10 photos taken for Week 5 of the project. Below you can see the other 9 photos. Some are better than others, but definitely not the best images captured during my photography years.

What Were The Challenges?

One of the toughest challenges in this series of photos is the time of day and that the subject was backlit. I guess in this case I did make the challenge a bit extra challenging because it’s late evening and the subject is backlit. As I result of the situation I’m forced to either photograph the silhouettes or somehow try to pull what colors I can out of the shadows.

For this, because the subject is the palm tree, I sought to pull what colors I could out of the shadows. For some I was successful but I was tempted at times to simply go with the silhouette look.

More Experimentation

I do enjoy doing some experimentation from time to time while out casually shooting photos. Sometimes I take special excursions and other times the photos are just taken during some Bangkok walkabouts. If you’re reading this and curious to see some of my experimentation photographs, go ahead and checkout my Flickr Photostream.

Next Week

Next week, or this week rather, the challenge subject for week 6 of this photo project is “Candy”. There is one trick, actual candy can’t be a subject of the photo. I’ve got my thinking cap on. This will be an interesting one for sure! Check back on Sunday for some candy!

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